City of Saint-Mihiel


Guided visit 

City of Saint-Mihiel


The visit of the city will allow you to discover the city of Saint-Mihiel, country of the lorrain's sculptor Ligier Richier. Two of his major work of arts  are visible in the city ; the Virgin Swooning in the Saint-Michel's church and the Entombments in the Saint-Etienne Church. You will discover as well the historical wealth of the city with privates hostels, glorious witness of the past of Saint-Mihiel which was the capitale of Bavarrois-non-Mouvantback to 1301.



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Price list :


From 20 person : 7€ each

From 35 person: 4€ each 

(Guided visit by an english speaker guide. )


Tél.: +33 (0)



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